The German Sudanese Association for Development is an officially registered non-profit organisation which is located in Hildesheim/Germany. We are a group of Sudanese and German activists who joined together to help improving the situation in Sudan. We are focusing on development issues in Sudan (North & South) with particular emphasis on children and women.

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Al Bashir wird derzeit in Südafrika festgehalten!:

Der seit 2009 durch einen Haftbefehl des Internationalen Strafgerichtshof in Den Haag (IStGH) wegen Kriegsverbrechen

gesuchte sudanesische Dikator Omar Al Bashir wird derzeit in Südafrika festgehalten. Die German Sudanese Association

fordert die Regierung Südafrikas auf, den Diktator umgehend an den IStGH auszuliefern.

Mehr Infos: Artikel in der Sueddeutschen


Solidarität mit dem Refugee Camp in Hannover:

Seit Mai 2014 erklärt sich die German Sudanese Association solidarisch mit dem Refugee Camp am Weißekreuzplatz in Hannover

und unterstützt denProtest der sudanesischen Geflüchteten.



3rd Annual Meeting programm:

front side

back side


17.11. - 21.11.14

GSAD Workshop "Globales Lernen":

Vom 17.-21.11. 2014 bot GSAD im Rahmen des Schüler*innen-Projekts im Pavillon „Globales Lernen“ gemeinsam mit vielen

verschiedenen Entwicklungs- und Menschenrechtsorganisationen drei Workshops rund um die Themen Flucht und Migration an.


workshop photo


2nd Annual Meeting programm:


The Annual Meeting is supported by: FSR der FH Hildesheim | Asta der Uni Hildesheim |

Karawane für die Rechte von Flüchtlinge und MigrantInnen | Fokus e.V. | Trillke e.V.



2nd Annual Meeting:

Dear friends, fellows, supporters and newcomers, much too fast one year has passed and our small association is already

more than two years old! For celebrating this we invite you very warmly to join us at the 7th of December 2013

at the Trillke-Gut in Hildesheim. Please save the date!



Karawane e.V:

We would like to recommend the following organisation. The Förderverein Karawane e.V. supported our association in the past.

Please check out their hompage and support them if you can: -> http://thecaravan.org/


GSAD - Forum is now online

Finally our forum is online. We welcome all of you to participate and exchange information on topics such as current projects of GSAD, asylum issues and general information. -> Visit forum

screenshot forum


GSAD - Attends Schredder-Festival in Hildesheim

We are very happy to announce our participation in the Schredder Theater Festival in Hildesheim. The topic of the event will be "New Perspectives on Africa". Young artists are going to perform four plays in which they raise questions of a necessary changing focus. Africa today is one of the fastest developing continents even if it is still struggling. During the break it will be our part to introduce our work and vision of transnational support to an interested group. For more information (click here).


Presentation at Elisabeth-von-Rantzau-Schule (Hildesheim)

Tomorow GSAD will have a presentation about the current situation in Sudan and the struggles refugees are facing in germany at Elisabeth-von-Rantzau-Schule in Hildesheim. You can join us from 03:00 to 05:00 pm. (here).


Video-Interviews "GSAD Meets"

Mai Shutta

At the Sudantagung 2012 organized by the Sudanforum we were very happy to meet young activists and talk to them about the current situation in Sudan/South Sudan.

Here you can find our first interview with human rights defender and non-violence activist and Girifna member Mai Shutta. See the video.


"KLEIDERMARKT"  in the Café Brühlchen!

  • 28. November 2012, Café Brühlchen, Brühl 20, Hildesheim, 16:00Uhr.

There will be space to change, buy and sell clothing with cake and coffee. The profit goes to our organisation!

We will be there and provide information about the GSAD and inform potential new members.Come around!

You are interested in GSAD?

The next GSAD meeting will be at:

  • 06. December 2012, Café Brühlchen, Brühl 20, 17:00Uhr. 


GSAD-Report about the Sudantagung in Hermannsburg 2012!


We stand in solidarity with the activists and their claims of "Refugee Strike Berlin".


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