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Facts about the current situation of Sudan:

  •  The situation of Sudan constitutes a threat to international peace and security according various resolutions of the UN Security Council, the last resolution No: 2047 (2012) issued on 17th of May 2012.

  • There are four hot civilian wars and armed conflict areas in sudan, three in the junctions between the new two states (North & South): (South Kordofan in Nuba Mountains, Blue nile state, and Abyii Area), in addition to Darfur area.

  • Sudan is governed and controlled by Omer H. A. Al-Bashir who is wanted by the International Criminal Court (ICC), according to the warrants of arrest No (ICC-02/05-01/09) issued on 4th of March 2009, and (ICC-02/05-01/09) issued on 12th of July 2010.

  •  Omer Al-bashir is responsible for: War crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide in the region of Darfur.

  • The general human rights situation in Sudan is deteriorating. Sudan witnessed a pattern of political repression with a adulterating environment for civil and political rights, including arrests of political opposition leaders, journalists and peaceful demonstrators, and restrictions on press freedom. This evaluation refers to the report of independent experts on the situation of human rights in Sudan, to the UN- Human Rights Council on 14th of September 2010. 

Wars and conflicts in Sudan result in:

  • 2.5 million Sudanese were killed because of the war in South Sudan, (nearly 80%) of Southern Sudanese were forced to leave their home.
  • During Darfur Crisis: more than 400 000 people were killed and 2.5 million were forced to leave their homes.
  • Thousands of people died in the conflict in South Kordofan, Blue Nile and Abyii this year. 60-70 000 persons were forced to flee home.
  • Hundreds of women were raped, and sexually abused mainly in Darfur region.
  • 40 – 70 000 thousand children are living in the street in big cities, in addition there is the abuse of children as child soldiers. 

More Information:   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sudan