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Sudan (North and South) is the largest country in Africa by size (1 million square miles), this size equals seven times the size of Germany. While the population of Germany amounts to over 80 million, North and South has about 40 million inhabitants.

Sudan boarders on the Red Sea and it shares common borders with nine countries: Eritrea and Ethiopia in the East, Kenya, Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo in the South, The Central African Republic, Chad and the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya in the West, and Egypt in the north.

Some important historico-political dates and periodes in the history of Sudan during the 19th century:

There are (12) important historical political dates and periods in sudan modern history since 19s century:

  • Era of Turkish Occupation (Ottoman Empire): (1821 – 1885).
  • First Independence (Mahdism): (1885 – 1899).
  • Condominium (British – Egyptian) occupation: (1899 – 1956).
  • First Civilian War (1955) & second independence (1956)
  • 1st bloodless Military Coup (1958): Ibrahim Aaboad 
  • 1st Sudanese uprising for freedom and democracy (1964). 
  • 2nd Military Coup (1969): Jafar Nimayri, 2nd Civilian War (1983) 
  • 2nd Sudanese uprising for freedom and democracy (1985).
  • 3rd Military Coup (1989): Omer Al-Bashir.
  • Aggravation of Darfur conflict (2002 – 2003).
  • Comprehensive peace talk and agreement (2005).
  • The Referendum of South Sudan 2011: (January & July 2011).

So, since 2011, Sudan splits into two states: Sudan and South Sudan.