• Tips for building a successful, productive and effective association: Special focus (networking, lobbying, and finance).
  • Experimental Viewer: An association journey: tomorrow, today and the future (African Association in lower Saxony as an example).
  • Development: general scientific concepts and the basis (community development).
  • Human rights: from a narrow to wide spectrum.
  • Millennium development Goals: where can we act?
  • Detained children: aftercare programs, what happens after release?
  • Sudan situation: sudanese refugees in Germany, from frying pan into the fire.
  • Music as a cultural diplomacy tool: Germany meets Sudan


  • The Language of the meeting will be English.

Invited Participants:

  • GSAD members.
  • GSAD Supporters.
  • Sudanese Community in Lower Saxony (Refugees & Others).
  • Refugees Community in Lower Saxony.
  • Youth Communities in Germany.
  • Selected NGOs in Lower Saxony.