The First Annual meeting of German Sudanese Association for development (GSAD 2012), will be held at 08. September 2012, in Hildesheim, Germany.

Main Focuses

  • GSAD work performance and quality improvement.
  • Issues related to our work like: Human rights, development, Sudan situation, etc.
  • The cultural dimension of GSAD.
  • Situation of Sudan, and affects of the governmental policy on sudanese refugees in Germany.

The objectives

  • GSAD Annual meeting will be an educational platform, increase the knowledge of the participants in various issues related to GSAD work.
  • Provide a medium for socialization and familiarization between GSAD members among themselves and expected invited participants. 
  • Outline the frame of GSAD strategic work plan for upcoming 2 or 3 years. 
  • Mobilize more people to support vision and mission of GSAD.